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Ren Kamm: The new idea is operating extremely nicely and all the accessible space has been sold. Space has usually been an problem at
Basel as well as using the Show s extension demand for space exceeds capacity as in prior years. So moving the Nation Pavilions to
Zurich provides us the chance to assist meet the requests from all our exhibitors for much more space.
Nevertheless the extension from the Show to Zurich isn't only for your objective of making much more space. With our new idea we're
designing the Show for your future. The segmentation from the exhibitors will enhance our advertising platform and assist attract much
more high quality purchasers. The additional improvement from the prestige halls in Basel with new premium space in Hall four the Hall
of Inspirations has currently borne fruit using the arrival of a number of new prestige brands. Current exhibitors as well are pleased
to become provided the chance to enlarge their stands.
ES: While these new brands are exhibiting in Basel this year what developments will Zurich see?
R. breitling dealers K. : In Zurich we've a state from the art exhibition venue that will home all of the Nation Pavilions and right here as well the
demand for space exceeds capacity. Over 700 businesses will showcase their goods in Zurich and present exactly the same selection of
goods as in Basel: Replica watches and jewellery in addition to pearls and stones elements watch straps and packaging.
ES: You will find nonetheless rumours that a number of exhibitors would favor to remain in Basel. Who precisely will move to Zurich?
R. K. : Basically the national pavilions that pool with each other the enterprises of a single nation will move. A great instance in
watch creating will be the (Hong Kong Trade Improvement Council). We make the distinction in between organizations which are branded
that will stay in Basel and these which are not that will visit Zurich.
ES: Will be the distinction in between branded and non branded usually clear?
R. K. best watch replicas : In watchmaking the distinction is fairly clear. In jewellery it's rather much more complex. Consequently we've set particular
criteria. For instance the brand name should happen to be registered for your final couple of years in over 5 nations the brand should
show that it has run external communication campaigns in over 5 nations and that in addition, it has sales outlets in these nations.
Nevertheless there are many businesses that formerly exhibited inside a Nation Pavilion who complied with our criteria and have now
decided to construct their very own person stand in Basel.
I'm convinced that each places from the Show will advantage from the clear segmentation and sharper concentrate in addition to
strengthen the general company platform. This may in turn attract much more high quality purchasers and guests a essential element for
each our exhibitors and also the Basel management group.
ES: What guarantees do your exhibitors have that the expert public and purchasers will visit Zurich to determine them?
R. K. : The slogan 1 Show Two Places isn't just a advertising proposition but a commercially viable reality and we've produced a
significant investment to make sure that we attract calibre guests and purchasers to Zurich. Obviously operating the Show within the
two places entails numerous extra expenses for our organization but we're taking this step to not just make sure the achievement of
Zurich for our exhibitors but additionally to make sure the entire world top position from the Basel Show for your future.
ES: So exactly where are you currently investing to create this transition a achievement?
R. K. : irst of all we launched a significant info campaign thereby intensifying our international marketing activities. We've also
ensured that the worldwide media comprehend and help the new idea via normal updates. Additionally we've created a brochure along with
a promotional film to inform guests concerning the new Zurich venue.
Around the sensible side we'll maximize mobility in between the two cities. A shuttle service will probably be accessible all day
lengthy all through the Show. All guests can advantage from this totally free service departing from and arriving straight at every
from the venues.
In front of Hall 1 in Basel there will probably be an Info Centre that will offer complete details about the exhibitors in Zurich such
as direct electronic communication hyperlinks along with a Television satellite. Additionally we'll attract guests to Zurich via a
series of programmed initiatives ranging from a unique exhibition on Time to prestigious evening occasions.
ES: danish design watches In comparison to prior years will there be any modifications towards the 2003 Nation Pavilions exhibition space in Zurich?
R. K. : The exhibitors in Zurich will advantage from ultramodern exhibition halls. Much more space provides the possibility to expand
the pavilions by a minimal of 15 per cent.
The contemporary exhibition centre will provide exactly the same state from the art facilities we provide in Basel to exhibitors and
guests. These consist of a higher tech Company Centre and Press Centre a Media Centre and an occasion hall for each and every type of
purchasers occasions item launches and press conferences.
An additional initial will be the participation of Belgium and Switzerland with their very own pavilions in Zurich in addition to a
pavilion organized from the Israel Diamond Institute all of which additional reflects the considerable appeal from the Zurich place.
ES: And for your Show in Basel what new possibilities will it now have the ability to provide its exhibitors?
R. K. : The freeing up of extra space will permit us to provide higher coherence and concentrate towards the Show in addition to
supplying a much more prestigious atmosphere for all our premium brand exhibitors.
Hall 1 will probably be modified behind the big stand from the with 3 aisles rather of 5. The stands with 3 floors will home 35 to 40
brands rather from the 80 housed previously. Hall five will probably be entirely transformed and can include significant stands with
boutique stands situated around the balconies. The machines and components businesses that had been formerly in Hall four behind the
Plaza Hotel will move to Hall three exactly where all exhibitors from the associated branches will probably be situated. Hall four
will now be devoted to watch brands a few of that are now in a position to return to Basel because of the additional space. Hall two
remains exactly the same as final year.
The cause for all these innovations would be to make sure that Basel serves the whole business that is the international goal from the
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